Crossing Over with Jessica Arellanes

Jessica Arellanes


Jessica Arellanes has been walking in the Way since 2001. She attained herdegree in Human Service with a minor in Drug Counseling. She has overcome her own addiction to drugs and alcohol. As a result, she carries the desire to give back to those who are still in bondage. In 2009 she attended Liberty University where she studied in Psychology. Jessica is certified as a Christian Lay Counselor and holds certificates in areas such as Ministering to the Broken Hearted, Breaking Free from Addictions, Healthy Sexuality, Marriage Works, Women and Children and more. One of her passions is to glean from the Paleo (ancient) Hebrew language and the etymology of the prophetic Word of YHWH. Her aim is to serve to her fullest capacity and to serve her King faithfully bringing restoration to the daughters of Jerusalem. Her hope is to see revival implode across the Nations.

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In the last decade or so, the identity of women in the Body has been almost completely revised. Immerging from the ash of false religion and contemporary dogmas, many are awakening to their identity in Mashiach (Christ). With them they bring a hunger for Truth and a desire to enter the fullness of their calling as heirs and co-regents of the Kingdom of YHWH. Crossing Over Productions is created to facilitate a platform for women by women. As servants of the Most High, we strive to encourage other women to take a leap of faith and CROSS OVER.

Our broadcasts include Torah Portions, Biblical Studies from an Hebraic perspective, Current Events, Health Segments, Guest appearances, Homeschooling and much much more.. We broadcast live every Sunday 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern, NYSTV (Now You See TV) see our schedule of shows page for times and dates of other broadcasts. We look forward to meeting you on the other side